Globally, for the purposes of healthy life, considerable huge crowds are engaged in daily physical exercises and fitness activities in the form of running, yoga, fitness, healthy diet and so on……

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  LifeRun is a system including global wide community of people like healthy physical exercise running and walking. Through the application of Blockchain and IOT (internet of things), LifeRun will make a decentralized recording for people’s physical exercise and healthy activities. Meanwhile, LifeRun Coin provides a long-term award to people who join the LifeRun community and make a wide and firm link between people. Therefore LifeRun is going to be a worldwide community of people has common interests of exercise and healthy lifestyle, and LifeRun Coin (LFR) will be the valuable award providing people with the positive phases and the LifeRun Chain will be a large social community of exercise people and chaining people together, meanwhile, makes the healthy data recording for runners.


  Based the Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud computing, LifeRun system fulfill a world-wide chain among the exercise people. Basically, the LifeRun will issue the mobile App as well as some third-party sports Apps with LifeRun imbedded, all these mobile phone App users will be awarded by LifeRun Coin if they fulfill certain exercise requirement e.g. the number of steps. Most of the Apps are downloaded and runs in cellular...


  In a long term sight, LifeRun has number of interests including profitable business, Public welfare and charitable. Generally, for an online community of people with common interests with high frequency application, It is not different to create business modes and cases.

  Each time one run at a fun run one get an entry into a raffle awarded by LifeRun Coin. The more runs you come to, the better your odds of winning. Due to this mechanism a big population of LifeRun community will be created, basically there will come with different business cases:

Token Allocation and Sale Information

  In order to fund and boost the LifeRun plan, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be conducted. This fund raising is open globally to people who have interests in running sports and block chain applications, based on the so called first come first served.

The Mission OF LifeRun

In the coming years, the world economy is expected to be constantly increased. People will pay much more attention to healthy lifestyle. Running related work out will be the majority of physical exercise therefore it is expectable the population of physical running will cover 20% percentage of the world. After five years, supporting by the LifeRun Coin flow, people joined LifeRun will become a huge community which combine the social media and health life club.

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